Le Internet Cafe

Compound leisure new space

Le Internet Cafe is a chain brand of coffee compound Internet Cafe, provides excellent products and services of business philosophy for more people, and creates comfortable, simple, environmentally friendly leisure social space.

The new format of Internet Cafe under Internet

With the advent of the Internet era, people's needs are more and more diversified, and consumptive quality requirements are also improving. From around 2009, Internet Cafes have entered the period of adjustment, and the model has become lagging behind, we urgently need to explore the future direction of Internet Cafes. The advent of "Internet +" era built the Internet cafes mode of online and offline one-stop interactive platform for young people, which has been sought after by more and more people.


Happy more than that

Through the interaction between the two sides, out of the inertial thinking of the traditional Internet industry, Masterdesign works for the whole design of VI brand visual identity system and storefront visual recognition system of Le Internet Cafe. Use the logs, linen and green plants as the main element, and adhere to the four major principles of beauty, practicability, high-quality and sustainability, pursuit the commercial space with five excellent sense of experience, with the thinking of the Internet to operate, start from the user experience, know how to empathy with the customer, and create a happy open platform. Located in Zhongshan Road, since the opening of Le Internet Cafe, it is popular. In terms of the environment, the people have praised products and services.

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