Who is “PUTI xiaozu”?

PUTI Xiaozu comes from Master puti. Sun Wukong learned seventy-two metamorphoses and cloud somersault from Puti. He has the name of Buddhism, Taoism temperament dress, the Confucian idea of acting.


“PUTI xiaozu”is red wine?

Customers put the red wine named as “PUTI xiaozu”.They want to build a "Internet" of red wine,The product for "play cool, reliable, strong curiosity, have a certain economic ability and individuality of the post-90s generation” MasterDesign between the tradition and the “Internet” do perfect connection and switch.

We use memorable “Master PUTI” relationship with grapes from “A Chinese Odyssey”. Using grapes, bun, dust, xiangyun to reshape the visual symbol, can make the"PUTI xiaozu" younger.

"Oh the taste is very good!"

We started from the brand attributes to understand the psychological characteristics of the post-90s generation, successfully completed the brand logo design, product packaging design, material design of logistics link and so on, implanted brand personality with novel visual symbols, Which makes “Puti Xiaozu” differentiate and unique in the marketplace.


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