Vatti, High-end intelligent kitchen appliances

Focused on the field of kitchen appliance for 24 years, Vantage adheres to the value of "Integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win", regards user’s demand as motivation, and devotes to providing higher quality kitchen products and services for hundreds of millions of families around the world with perfect industrial system. It mainly engaged in the production and sale of gas appliances, kitchen utensils, household appliances and enterprise's own assets investment, import and export business.

New target of brand brings the opportunity for change


From Vantage brand positioning style to high-end intelligence, modern fashion brand leading position. Create the humane science and technology, international fashion, relaxing and pleasant brand personality, so that we have important orientation to Vantage's visual design direction.

The perfect combination of high-end intelligence and design language

We believe that an enterprising brand essence can be fully demonstrated in the vision. The design style of Vantage should fully reflect the Vantage brand connotation and sense of worth of "high-end intelligent kitchen appliance". Reflect from the design of quality, fashion, science and technology, innovation.

From the traditional household appliances into the new smart household appliances, detail to optimize the new logo, so as to upgrade the Vantage brand visual image, make visual presentation more standardized and professional. The rapid development of Vantage in the field of intelligent kitchen appliance is bound to be constantly appreciated.

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