HUAWEI, The pride of national enterprises

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a private communications technology company with production and sales of communications equipment, headquartered is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Huawei's products are mainly related to communications networks, and provide hardware, software, services and solutions to communication operators and professional network owners around the world.

Interface between Consumer and brand

Nowadays, the mobile phone is closely linked people's lives. In the current brand marketing, consumers have become more proactive).In a multi-market environment, consumers not only concern the product, but also service levels and consumer environment. SI design and brand communication are inseparable, good SI design can make people closer to the product, and learn more about the connotation of the brand.

The birth of Huawei's first flagship store

In 2011,We had the assignment from our client. The brief is to start with "better all-connected world" as the entry point of design, from the "show humanity" and "experience comfort" two aspects to cut in, add a sense of quality on the basis of maintaining specialization. To make people more intuitive to feel the appearance of Huawei mobile phones, while with the attentive service to allow consumers to experience the features of mobile phone, fully understand Huawei mobile phones, strengthen communication between product and consumer, realize the concept of value. Through the full communication and cooperation with customers, we designed and produced the first flagship store of Huaiwei in China - Nanjing flagship store. SI design added the essential elements for Huawei during the brand communication, to help Huawei to develop.

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