Guangdong Paralympics Asian

Asian Games, Guangzhou's business card

March 2004, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Amman bid to host the Asian Games. July 1, 2004, OCA announced that Guangzhou was the right to host the sixteenth Asian Games. November 12nd, 2010 -November 27th, 2010,the sixteenth Asian Games was held in Guangzhou, which is the second city to host the Asian Games in China.


Diverse and rigorous design requirements

As the 16th Asian Games face to the world,the Logo Design requires to seriousness and authoritative. Besides, it needs to have the image value of internationalization.

More people, more exciting!

The slogan appeals for all volunteers who want to participate in the Asian Games getting together. The logo combines with heart and legs. It means taking action by heart and doing a deed with legs. The logo express Asian Games volunteer concept vividly.

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