Guangzhou National Advertising Industrial Park

The only national advertising industry park in Southern China

Guangzhou National Advertising Industrial Park is a national advertising industrial park officially recognized by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in 2012. Won the national financial support 25 million yuan of special funds, and won the national financial support 10 million yuan for the park construction in 2014. The park is located in the Southern China economic and advertising center, Guangzhou, adjacent to the geographical advantage of Hong Kong and Macao and the professional advantage of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, gather in advantage of advertising resources in Souththern China, Hong Kong and Macao, building creative design, advertising production, agent, And other services as one of the high-end advertising creative industry park. Construction is given priority to creative design, set advertising production, agents, publishing and other services as the integration of high-end advertising creative industry park.


How to express the creativity of "Creative Park"?

Guangzhou National Advertising Industrial Park is a place where ideas happen. "Creative" is a floating concept, and it is elusive, its logo is the product as high as the clouds, with great creative difficulty.

We have magic

Fortunately, we found an appropriate element: magic wand. Combined with the magic wand, as long as fully uses the imagination, it can become any form of features, showing the advertising industry park is a place stimulating innovative thinking, bringing together different ideas. In color, the logo color is rich and colorful, full of diversity, symbolizes the diversified development of Guangzhou National Advertising Industrial Park; In modeling, the six squares represent the six creative parks, the parks are intertwined and interconnected, the whole forms a word "guang (广)", both has the concept of Guangzhou and advertising, the logo is concise and clear, giving Guangzhou more International feeling. Since the logo is established, Guangzhou National Advertising Industry Park held a variety of promotional activities. Logo and its auxiliary graphic design are unique, applied to the various details of the activities.

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